Facebook Ads: Impact your Business Lifestyle

Facebook Ads


I learned something very important from our previous client: Facebook Specialist. A lesson that should be the mindset of every entrepreneur and everyone aspiring for success. It’s to adapt, to evolve and to look on the bright side of every situation. Pursue your business head on even though you’re not sure of the outcome. And take a calculated risk; seeing the advantages and taking opportunities from a rather bad situation. Although our client didn’t say anything of some sort and had suggested nothing to this effect. This is just what I thought about their business model. They took on social media and used it for digital marketing. Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads in particular.

I’ve considered the social media platforms, in general, to be in a bad light. Recently it’s been taking the heat, in a way that people are on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to an extent of excess. People are always glued to their computer and mobile screens. Scrolling down, tapping, typing and watching videos. This habit allows less time to be productive and results to laziness. There are also some studies stating that social media causes depression. A few Ted Talks also suggest that people gain satisfaction from likes and comments from their posts. Saying that such things release endorphins; the hormones responsible for happiness and satisfaction.

Whether or not we’re satisfied by social media, it’s safe to say that we are all guilty of spending valuable time on it. However, this is where the opportunity lies. How you want to spend your time is up to you. But like I said, successful people look at the positive side and see opportunities from every situation.

Don’t get worked up on things you can’t control. “If you can’t beat them, join them” as the adage goes. But this time, you won’t join in. Instead, you give people something new, something they can gain from using social media sites.

Your product.

At the same time, you benefit from it. You’ll derive a win-win situation out of a previously rough one. If you’re an entrepreneur and you think like this, you might already be one step ahead.


Instagram and Facebook Ads

Majority of social media marketers consider Facebook and Instagram as the most effective social media advertising platform right now. Because people spend a good few hours every day on these sites. And it’s made more effective for advertisement because the way Facebook and Instagram Ads work.

You effectively target your audience by filtering them based on demographic information, and user’s information, interests, and behaviors. Now the campaigns that you would create to market your brand will target audience interested in your product and more likely to be your customers. It’s not like taking a shot in the dark anymore because you have actual data to base your strategy on.

There is efficiency in creating awareness to your brand. Not only will you extend your reach and acquire engagement but you will also gather useful information from it. And if you have a well-managed campaign then consequently it will generate high ROI.

There are various types of Facebook Ads; the ads on the side of your screen, the pop-ups, the streaming ads. I won’t discuss them here, but if you want to know more about it there are courses online available.

Now, these ads need to be done correctly and require a little bit of practice. But if you don’t have the time to manage them on your own, this is where agencies or outsourcing comes to play. Like one of our clients.


Facebook Specialist

Facebook Specialist is an agency that has mastered creating campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. They cater to US-based companies like accessory, clothing, and business planner companies. If you want to check them out and have some inquiries and need some counseling. Here’s their website fbspecialist.com. Which we the Versitech Team developed. And here’s what their founder has to say about our work:

“We have put our trust to Versitech PH when it comes to constructing our company’s website because of 3 main reasons. It’s affordable, high quality, and the turn-around time is just incredible. It only took them 2 weeks to finish our website from the initial consultation to its deployment”.

“Lastly, the best thing about Versitech PH is that even though they’ve finished constructing our website, they never left us hanging whenever we have a problem”.

“I strongly recommend Versitech PH’s services to entrepreneurs who are ready to take on the now”. 

Check them out. They know their stuff.


Good Business, Good Job

If you haven’t started your campaign with Facebook Ads yet, better start today. As you know, online marketing is the thing now. So get your brand out there and show the world what you offer.

Also, if you don’t have a business but looking for a job. Try applying and create campaigns, there’s future here. As the founder of Facebook Specialist has said.

“As a progressive 23 year old in the information age I only value 2 things, Time & Money. And being able to offer my expertise in advertising using the 2 major platforms in the market right now (Facebook & Instagram) gets me the 2 things that I value in life”.


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